A Christmas Memory

A long time ago my family would visit a holiday party on a canal, there was a parade down the canal /waterway boats decorated, lights, people singing. The house was my fix running thru so many places to explore. I was 5 growing to 8. A food Buffett the likes I’ve never seen. I would stop and stare at the tree, every year different. Magical. My parent’s friend must have been some kind of designer or interior decorator. I began to anticipate what the tree would look like and told myself that one day I would design my own modern tree. I’m not clear why these images stayed with me all these years, and yet early childhood images of holiday and family and friends came back from time to time and visions of colorful lights and trees. Since I was just 6 or 7, his  

Over the years I thought a lot about good design, read everything I could get my eyes on, taught myself how to appreciate good design and collected the best design products I could find. The seed of an idea that was planted when I was just a boy gradually began to germinate, grow and eventually became the actualization of my boyhood dream.  

In a coffee house on a hot humid summer in the south my inspiration grabbed me and the Tytree began to crystallize. I found myself sketching furiously as the design unfolded with beautiful shapes and forms. I was able to articulate what I had seen in my minds eye in order to fabricate a fresh, new, elegant holiday tree made of acrylic. I wanted something to reflect my personality the way I understood the holidays.